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A1 Security Service in Lexington, South Carolina services Columbia, Lexington, Irmo and Central South Carolina with a wide variety of protection solutions for your home ranging from basic home security systems to complicated networking systems. Studies have shown burglars will commit crimes somewhere else when they are confronted with a security system - particularly home security systems that are being monitored. That's why in today's world homes are being equipped with a variety of security services designed to keep your home and family safe. A1 Security Service are independent specialists that provide a variety of high quality security systems. At A1 Security Service we assess each home individually in order to tailor a security system that fits the customers needs and wants.

Home Security Solutions

A good home security A1 Security Service Columbia, Lexington South Carolinasystem brings you peace of mind. A1 Security Service in Lexington, South Carolina knows that one of the most valuable things in your life is your family. A1 Security Service offers a wide variety of security solutions for your home to discourage criminals and to notify the authorities if you experience a break-in, fire or medical emergency. Come by A1 Security Service in Lexington, SC for a security system demonstration.

Security Systems with Zwave Technology.
Z-Wave technology can unifiy your home security system into an integrated wireless network. The Connected Home solutions that use Z-Wave® technology, offers the ability to arm and disarm your security system through your mobile devices. Zwave also offers the ability for thermostat setback and basic lighting control. while you are away from your business or home.